Find Suppliers of Antique Furnitures


The Tower Antique Show reveals pieces and products of different times like contemporary, mid-century, classical, antique, vintage, traditional Christian, curios, etc. You may visit the show to gain knowledge on antique pieces or to collect them as treasures. The antique show is sure to interest you, displaying original pieces from many different eras.

Offering the antique products from all over the world, the show is recognized as one of the notable antique demonstrations in North America. In addition to antique furniture, other products are also on show. They include products of crystal, glassware, silver, and gold in a range of styles such as Edwardian, Art Deco, Edwardian, and products of  Mediterranean, Early American, Oriental, Nantucket, Spanish Colonial, Viennese and Victorian are also available here.

If you’re fascinated to find a traditional piece that you just wish to have for yourself or gift anybody on any occasion, visit Tower Antique Show to get them and fulfill your purpose. Take in the sights, sounds, smells, and touch of an incredible collection of antiques. Feel the warmth of conversing with furnishings merchants as you discover the true beauty of this rich and fascinating antique fair.


Also, if you intend to find an approach to enhance your home or are fond of antique collectibles, then visiting Tower Antique Show is the right opportunity. You can find products of eminence at reasonable prices to take home. It is also the right place if you like to collect items that have special meaning to you. You will surely get something new to love and appreciate about the antique show. It can be fairly thrilling to travel in history and feel parts of traditional lifestyle!

There are two chief attractions for antique lovers and dealers here at this show: one is a live performance for entertainment and the other is an instant going-over of the antique products. You can here find the Top Quality Small Antique Gold Table that may be used as living room furniture. Not only that, the table can be specifically used as a coffee table for a general friendly chat.


High-Quality French Antique Chair Style is another form of antique products that stands on the floor and goes up higher. This adorable piece of antique is made of solid beech wood. Made in leisure style, the chair is foldable and can be conveniently used.


Involve in the thrill of competing with fellow collectors in the annual Tower Antique Show and discover the Tower’s wide antique assortment, positioned throughout the main exhibit hall and walk delightfully through the Tower Lobby, Tower Ballroom, and Tower Salon.

What’s more, live entertainments include innovative musical performances both vocal and instrumental.


You could never imagine what’s waiting for you in the Antique Show in the Embarcadero Building at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.